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Add new functionnalities to your DSM409

I have modified my DSM409 to run as a DSM411j for 6years now to be able to get DSM update. Despite the fact that this NAS is now more than 12 years old it continue to works fine (still I

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Hack History: crack creation

I started to learn how computers were working through ezines, some BBS and IRC when I started to have internet access… The full concept of source code / binary was really obscure for me, so I wanted to understand how

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Hack History: Phrack

The original publisher of the hacker manifesto was Phrack, of course at that time it was not shared on a public websites (or was it?) but on obscure BBS. Nevertheless, currently we can read all of them directly from the

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Hack History: the Hacker Manifesto

The hacker manifesto is a small essay written by The Mentor in 1986. I have read it quite later but still it gave me goosebumps at that time, I wanted to understand what he went through to write this. I

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2020w44 Security News digest

FBI, DHS, HHS Warn of Imminent, Credible Ransomware Threat Against U.S. Hospitals On Monday, Oct. 26, KrebsOnSecurity began following up on a tip from a reliable source that an aggressive Russian cybercriminal gang known for deploying ransomware was preparing to

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OWASP tools – Juice-Shop

I have discovered OWASP Juice-shop recently and I found it as a quite interesting tool to train/challenge ourself. Why is that? it is the first “broken tool” I have found with recent technologies (Angular, Node.js …) which will help to

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2020w43 Security News digest


New Chrome 0-day Under Active Attacks – Update Your Browser Now If you are using Google Chrome, update it ASAP, a zero-day was found in the Freetype library. CVE Related CVE-2020-15999. Source: French IT outsourcer Sopra Steria hit by

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Vault 7 leak – Year 0 release

A new leak from wikileaks expose CIA usage of tools and techniques to spy on citizens.

What I will be writing about in these article speaks about Year 0 release (March 2017).

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Twitter Counter Hack

Earlier this week, lots of twitter account started publishing unwanted messages.

Victims of this attack were quite famous twitter account such as Graham Cluley, Amnesty International and so much more…

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Upgrade synology DS409 to DSM6

I have bought an DS409 a few years ago and I felt quite disappointed not to get every update brought by DSM 5 then 6. One easy solution would be to buy a new NAS but, to be honnest, my

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