First, I am not the author of these fanzines.

I am a big fan of this and as it is distributed in the old fanzine way allowing everyone to setup their own mirror, I wanted to create my own.

I learned about this fanzine by following @angealbertini an amazing reverse engineer  crazy about file format reversing and polyglot files.

All the pdf below can be read in multiple ways and contains lots of easter eggs not all documented (webserver in ruby which allow itself as download, android apk to share the pdf through NFC…). Few of them can be found online such as :


pocorgtfo00.pdf (272K)
pocorgtfo01.pdf (3.6M)
pocorgtfo02.pdf (13M)
pocorgtfo03.pdf (26M)
pocorgtfo04.pdf (54M)
pocorgtfo05.pdf (80M)
pocorgtfo06.pdf (97M)
pocorgtfo07.pdf (32M)
pocorgtfo08.pdf (58M)
pocorgtfo09.pdf (66M)
pocorgtfo10.pdf (56M)
pocorgtfo11.pdf (31M)
pocorgtfo12.pdf (57M)
pocorgtfo13.pdf (59M)