Hack History: Phrack

The original publisher of the hacker manifesto was Phrack, of course at that time it was not shared on a public websites (or was it?) but on obscure BBS.

Nevertheless, currently we can read all of them directly from the website below.


That was a different time, in the Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 5 of 13 I learned about Unix Nasties… I was young at that time, my whole view of how a computer works was based on MS DOS, Windows 3.11 for workgroup and then Windows 95.

Unix Nasties where not ringing a bell, it was cited in lots of e-zines but Unix and Linux where not really user friendly systems shipped with any new computer. Handing over Linux floppy with some obscure book provided with it was as sexy as it gets at that time, and believe me, installing it on the family computer was not an option…

I think that my first Unix based experience came with an old 386 when the family switched to a 486 33. It took me a week to install it. Formatting the hard drive was common as I was learning without understanding anything from the official bible provided (didn’t knew English at that time and had absolutely no IT background except how to launch Prince of Persia first of it’s name).

This era was one where the knowledge was tough to reach and your human network was nearly the only way to gain knowledge. No youtube video with ethical hacker training, no github with a great search engine including interesting source code, exploits, other tools like mimikatz…

Damn I loved this era…

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